ACM (Aluminium Composite Material). Aluminium Composite is a lightweight flat sheet panel that consists of a fire resistant core which is faced with two thin sheets of aluminium. Generall. The aluminium is bonded onto the core during the manufacturing process and it is virtually impossible to separate the layers of material once they have been bonded together. A wide range of aesthetically pleasing colour finishes are available in both products. As a cladding material the product can be cut to size and used flat or alternatively folded at the edges to make trays which can the be screw fixed or hooked onto a sub-frame. Leading brands of ACM include; Alucobond / Vitrabond / Elval.

Material Properties & Characteristics

  • Panels are moisture resistant;
  • Material is dimensionally stable and its properties are not affected due to rapid fluctuations temperature or humidity;
  • Cladding Panels are not susceptible to mould or rot;
  • The material can be used as a flat sheet or formed into trays with movement Joints / shadow gaps formed between panels;
  • Dependent on application flat panels can be curved;
  • Panels are durable and easy to maintain.
  • Material may not be suitable for high impact applications.
  • Material may not be suitable for applications requiring a high degree of fire resistance.

Methods of Fixing

  • Face fixed – Using colour coded / polyester powder coated mechanical fixings or rivets;
  • Secret Fixed – Using either hanging rail system with clips / hooks built into the back of the ACM trays or using adhesives / Cladding tape to the back of flat ACM panels;
  • Cladding panels can be fixed back to / supported on either a treated timber or metal subframe.

Finish & Colours

  • Choose from a wide range of colours and finishes from leading brands including; Alucobond / Vitrabond/ Elval. For more detailed information [click here]


Panel Size and thickness

ACM can be purchased in a range of standard sheet sizes from which smaller panels can then be cut (on or off site) to suit the required cladding design layout / pattern;

Standard Thickness; 4mm.

Typical Sheet Size; 2440mm X 1220mm, 3050mm X 1220mm