Aluminium & Stainless Steel

Aluminium and Stainless Steel Casings are ideal for forming decorative columns, bulkheads and feature channels to hide unsightly building elements or services both internally and externally.

Casings are manufactured by introducing flat metal sheets metal either a pyramid rolling machine or a CNC press-brake. These machines roll and /or bend the metal sheets into the desired profile/shape.

Male and Female overlapping  folds (known as joggles) are introduced into the edges of each metal profile as required and these form a recessed secret fixing position in the finished casing at joint locations and/or reveals.

Metal casings can be installed using either a  timber or metal framework system. Mechanical fixings used to fix the casing back to the framework are hidden by the introduction of a metal channel into the recessed joggle joint detail.

Key Points;

  • Standard circular & Square profiles available;
  • Numerous bespoke shapes and profile possible;
  • Extended configurations can be achieved by inserting additional panels between profiles;
  • Casings can be stacked to achieve increased heights;
  • Aluminium casings can be finished in a wide range of  colours using polyester powder coating methods;
  • Stailess steel casings can be supplied brushed finished, polished, textured and/or with oxide tints;
  • No requirement for site decoration / wet trades;
  • High strength low maintenance material;
  • Material is none combustible;
  • Quick and easy to install;
  • Installed using secret fixing solution;
  • Suitable for both internal and external applications;
  • Casings can be purchased on a supply only or as a supply and fix package.