Ceramic Granite

ceramic-graniteCeramic Granite Cladding reproduces all the natural beauty and variation of hewn stone such as granite or marble. Panels are manufactured from pure naturally occuring raw materials sourced from across the world such as clays, feldspar’s, minerals, peg-matites and metal oxides. These rocks and minerals are amalgamated, wet ground to a fine powder, refined to remove impurities and turned into a perfectly homogenised slurry. The slurry is injected at high pressure and nebulised inside a spray dryer. The contact with very hot air causes instant and even drying. Using a special patented process, the dried materials are mixed and then compressed using extremely high pressures (typically over 12000 tonnes) to form large slabs. The slabs are fired at 1260 degrees centigrade until fully vitrified. During the firing process the constituent parts become irreversibly fused without any need for any resin or bonding agents.


Material Properties & Characteristics

  • Panels are weather resistant, impervious to rain and can cope with extreme climatic conditions;
  • Material is dimensionally stable and its properties are not affected due to rapid fluctuations temperature;
  • The surface colour / core is resistant to UV / Sun Light. Colour will not change even under severe weather conditions and/or as a result of industrial air pollution;
  • Cladding Panels are not susceptible to mould or rot;
  • Panels are resistant to acids and alkali’s;
  • Core material is through coloured;
  • Cladding panels are strong, durable and hardwaring;
  • Bespoke panel sizes – For best results panels need to be site measured, cut in the factory and the edges polished;
  • Ceramic Granite slabs can be left with a natural unpolished finsh or polished to a brilliant high  gloss / sheen.


Methods of Fixing

  • Secret Fixed – Using a proprietary aluminium hanging rail systems.


Finish & Colours

  • Choose from a wide range of standard colours including metallics. For more detailed information on Ceramic Granite & Finishes [click here]


Panel Sizes and Thickness


Ceramic Granite Can be purchased in the following standard panel sizes from which smaller bespoke panels can then be cut (off site) to suit the required cladding design layout / pattern;  

Thickness; 12mm. 

Standard Panel Sizes; 600mm X 600mm / 600mm X 1200mm / 900mm  X  450mm / 900mm X 900mm / 1000mm X 1000mm / 1200 X 1200mm.

Largest none standard panel size; 1250mm X 1750mm.