Laminate Panels


Laminate cladding panels are manufactured from flat sheets of Mdf with high pressure laminate bonded to the face using contact adhesive. The panels are placed in a panel press to maximise adhesion between the high pressure laminate and the Mdf substrate. Furthermore this process ensures the even distribution of the contact adhesive and the removal of air pockets which could cause bubbling or imperfections in the surface of the finished panels. A balancing sheet of low grade laminate is also applied to the back of each panel using the same process and this helps the stability of the finished panel to avoid differential movement and warping. Panel edges can then be finished and trimmed using laminate edge lippings or left natural if feature jointing strips are to be used. For best results we recommend that small shadow gap joints or proprietary jointing strips are used between panels to allow for movement (expansion/contraction) on the finished wall. Using quality brands of high pressure laminate in this way (e.g. Formica, Polyrey, Perstorp, Eggar etc..) a wide range of aesthetically pleasing coloured and textured internal quality cladding / wall lining panels can be achieved.

Material Properties & Characteristics

  • Core material – Mdf: Typical thickness 18mm & 25mm;
  • Panels can be manufactured in any size cut from standard Mdf sheets;
  • Material can be cut to size on site if necessary;;
  • Panels are durable and easy to maintain.
  • Dependent on laminate chosen material can be very robust, hardwaring and impact resistant.
  • Only for internal applications.

Methods of Fixing

  • Face fixed – Using colour coded / polyester powder coated mechanical fixings;
  • Secret Fixed – Using split batten hanging rail system with shadow gaps or proprietary joint profiles;
  • Panels can be fixed back to / supported on either a treated timber or metal subframe.
  • Note; We do not recomend butt jointing laminated panels due to inconsistant joint and

Finish & Colours

  • Choose from a wide range colours, paterned and textured finishes including metallics, woodgrain and solid colours. Class 1 / FR grade laminates also available.
  • Formica [click here] 
  • Polyrey [click here]


Panel Size and thickness

Standard Thickness; 20mm, 27mm.

Panel Size; bespoke panel sizes cut from standard Mdf sheets; 2440mm X 1220mm / 3000mm X 1220mm.