Marley Eternit

Natura & Textura;


This is a flat panel product manufactured from compressed fibre cement. Natura is a through-coloured panel with a natural cement finish. Textura has a highly glazed, granular finish fused to the surface of the panel. These cladding panels come in a wide arrange of aesthetically pleasing colours and textures which are both extremely durable and hard wearing.

Material Properties & Characteristics

  • Panels are weather resistant and can cope with extreme climatic conditions;
  • Material is dimensionally stable and its properties are not affected due to rapid fluctuations temperature;
  • The surface colour and core is resistant to UV / Sun Light. Colour will not change significantly even under severe weather conditions and/or as a result of air pollution;
  • Cladding Panels are not susceptible to mould or rot;
  • Core material is through-coloured. Movement Joints / shadow gaps formed between panels;
  • Panels are durable and easy to maintain.
  • Material is robust and impact resistant.

Methods of Fixing

  • Face fixed – Using colour coded / polyester powder coated mechanical fixings or rivets;
  • Secret Fixed – Using hanging rail system with clips fixed into the back of the cladding panel;
  • Cladding panels can be fixed back to / supported on either a treated timber or metal sub-frame.


Finish & Colours

  • Choose from a wide range of standard colours and textured finishes including metallics, woodgrain and stone effect. For more detailed information and to visit the Trespa website [click here]


Panel Size and thickness

Natura & Textura can be purchased in the following sheet sizes from which smaller panels can then be cut to suit the required cladding design layout / pattern;

Standard Thickness; 8 & 12mm.

Natura Sheet Size; 3000mm X 1220mm / 2500mm X 1220mm.

Textura Sheet Size; 3130mm X 1280mm / 2830mm X 1280mm / 2530mm X 1280mm / 2030mm X 1280mm.