Paint Grade Material

Paint grade casings are ideal for forming feature columns, bulkheads and hiding unsightly services within the internal envelope of a building. 

Paint Grade casings are esentially  pre-formed plywood profiles which are given a thin outer layer of mdf  to give a smooth outer surface which is ideal to receive a painted finish.  Preformed plywood is manufactured by applying adhesive to thin sheets of wood veneer and mdf (also known as plies) and laying them in the centre of a rigid profiled tool (mould). It should be noted that the grain of each sheet of wood veneer is placed at right angles to adjacent layers for greater strength. The tool is heated whilst at the same time high pressure is applied by means of a large hydraulic press.

After a short curing period the material can be removed from the press and released from the tool. What results is a curved profile of high strength composite material or as we like to call it “Preformed Plywood”. This material is resistant to cracking, shrinking, twisting and warping. Once formed the shape is locked into the plywood for ever.

Paint grade casings can be fixed to a suitable timber framework either directly through their face or by means of a Proform aluminium secret fix channel profile. If the casings are to be fixed through their face then the fixing holes should ideally be filled with a two pack filler before decorating.

Key Points;

  • Cost effective Casing Solution;
  • Standard circular & Square profiles available (Please see the following sections for sizes and specification / design details);
  • Alternative shapes/configurations are possible by mixing standard profiles and/or inserting flat panels between profiles;
  • Extended lengths and heights are achieved by connecting pofiles together/staking;
  • Profiles can be site decorated in paint schemes of you choice colour;
  • High strength material but can be redecorated if damaged;
  • Reduction in weight over other construction materials;
  • Quick and easy to install;
  • Secret or face fixing solutions;
  • Site operatives can easily cut and trim casing profiles; 
  • Only suitable for internal applications;
  • Casings can be purchased on a supply only or as a supply and fix package;

Please Note; Bespoke profiles/shapes such as ellipses can be manufactured dependent on the ordered being of  a significant quantity & value. This is because of the economic factors relating to production tooling and setup costs. Please contact a member of our technical team to discuss the viability of this option.