Perimeter Casing / HVAC Casings

Proform has developed a range of HVAC Perimeter casing Systems to provide an aesthetic solution to the encasement of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning units primarily within the office environment.

We have designed our HVAC casing units to meet the key requirements of appearance, cost, durability, build-ability, HVAC technical performance & efficiency and access for maintenance & inspection.

The casings can be manufactured from a number of different materials including Pre-formed Plywood, Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Furthermore, each of these materials allow for a number of sectional cill profiles to be achieved including;

* Square edges;
* Bull-noses;
* Raking / Sloping;
* Curved / Radius.

A wide variety of finishes, colours and textures can be chosen from depending on which base material is selected. Pre-formed plywood finishes include High Pressure Laminate and Real Wood Veneers. Metal finishes include Polyester Powder Coat, Brushed, Polished and Patterned Rimex.

Ventilation requirements are achieved by the use of two methods;

1). By the CNC machine cutting of patterns made up of holes and/or slots.

2). The inclusion of proprietary aluminium linear grilles.

Both methods of ventilation will provide adequate free air space to allow the desired passage of air through the casings.

Electrical, Telecommunication and computer services trunking can also be easily incorporated into the design if required.

please note that this product cater for both new build and refurbishment market sectors and can be tailored for both low and high budgetary requirements by varying the material specification and the applied finish.

We are more than happy to provide both technical design and value engineering services at any stage of the building process from concept through to the construction phase.