Trespa Athlon & Virtuon;01-trespa-internal-cladding-side-bar

These two internal high-pressure compact laminate products (supplied as flat panels) are manufactured from thermosetting resin homogeneously reinforced with cellulose wood fibres which are compressed together using very high pressures and temperatures. The surface of the panels are specially treated to provide a wide range of aesthetically pleasing colours and textures. Athlon has  a melamine surface finish which makes it extreamly impact, scratch and wear resistant. Virtuon is also an extreamly robust panel but is manufactured with antibacterial properties.

Material Properties & Characteristics

  • Panels are moisture resistant;
  • Material is dimensionally stable and its properties are not affected due to rapid fluctuations temperature or humidity
  • Cladding Panels are not susceptible to mould or rot;
  • Core material is black making it ideal for the formation of black movement Joints / shadow gaps between panels;
  • Material can be cut to size on site if necessary;
  • Dependent on application panels can be modestly curved (Using 6mm thick Trespa) ;
  • Panels are durable and easy to maintain;
  • Athlon is extreamly impact, scratch and wear resistant;Virtuon is also an extreamly robust panel but is manufactured with antibacterial properties;
  • Virtuon is also an extreamly robust panel but is manufactured with antibacterial properties;
  • Two classes of Trespa are available: Standard grade and enhanced Fire-Retardant (FR) grade.

Methods of Fixing

  • Face fixed – Using colour coded / polyester powder coated mechanical fixings or rivets;
  • Secret Fixed – Using either hanging rail system with clips fixed into the back of the trespa panel or using adhesives;
  • Cladding panels can be fixed back to / supported on timber or metal subframe.

Finish & Colours

  • Choose from a wide range of standard colours and textured finishes including metallics, woodgrain and stone effect. Special colours can be produced if the panels are orderd in large quantities. For more detailed information and to visit the Trespa website [click here]

Panel Size and thickness

Meteon can be purchased in the following sheet sizes from which smaller panels can then be cut (on or off site) to suit the required cladding design layout / pattern;

Standard Thickness; 8, 10, 13mm.

Sheet Size; 3650mm X 1860mm / 2550mm X 1860mm / 3050mm X 1530mm / 4270mm X 2130mm.