Laminate Casings

Laminate Casings are manufactured from preformed plywood profiles with an outer layer of post forming grade high pressure laminate or real wood veneer bonded to the outer surface of the plywood profile. Casings finished in Laminate are extreamly hardwaring which makes them ideal for all internal applications particularly in those areas that experience high levels of pedestrian foot traffic.

This product provides a very simple and cost-effective way of producing architectural column casings with a vast range of post forming grade high pressure laminates and real wood veneers to choose from. These casings can also be used for other applications such as bulkhead and service casings, the choice is yours.

Although we supply the material in standard lengths, shapes and sizes alternative casings designs can still be achieved. This is done by simply connecting standard profiles together in various configuration and/or by the introduction of flat panels between profiles.

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bespoke profiles can be manufactured to order such as ellipses, however we only offer this service for orders involving significant quantities and value due to the production tooling & setup costs. Please contact a member of our team to discuss the viability of this option.