Metal Profiles

Metal Profiles are a particularly useful for forming architectural building features such as bulkheads and mock beams.

They can be manufactured from various grades and thicknesses of Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

  • Typical thickness for aluminum profile features is 2mm to 3mm;
  • Typical thickness for Stainless Steel profile features1.2mm to 3mm.

Aluminium casings can be finished in a wide range of RAL colours by applying a durable layer of polyester powder coat. Aluminium casings can also be manufactured to incorporate perforations ( holes / slots ) or be formed using  aluminium checker plate (various patterns available).

Stainless Steel profiles are normally supplied brushed finished in natural silver. However polished, textured and oxide tints can also be achieved by sourcing the metal sheets from specialist suppliers such as Rimex.

Because metal profiles are manufactured by rolling or press-braking sheet metal numerous bespoke / cross sectional shapes and configurations are possible and these are only really limited by the size of sheet metal available and the physical constraints of the machine being used to form the desired profile.

The gallery below shows an example of a bespoke metal profile feature which was conceptually designed by an Architect to disguise ventilation and extract ducting as well as acting as an eye catching lighting feature. Proform turned the concept into a practical & buildable manufactured product.

Please contact a member of our technical team to see if we can help you with your future requirements – 01283 820032.

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