Cassette Panels

Secret fixed metal “Hook-on” Cassette Panels are a particularly useful method of cladding for both internal and external applications.

We offer bespoke Cassette Panels in ACM (Aluminium Composite Material), Polyester Powder coated Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

Cassette panels can best be described as metal trays with key hole slots in the side. The keyhole slots simply hook over a steel pin which is located in a metal vertical support mullion. Support mullions are fixed back to either a wall or suitable structural building element. Panels are locked in position by several small security fixings placed in the top edge of each cassette or alternatively at the top of the cladding dependent on application.

At Proform we only supply cassette panels to order as they can be produced in a range of sizes to suit individual building designs. Maximum sizes / girths are essentially governed by factors such as the size of sheet material available to produce the cassette from, material thickness and strength, the capacity the machinery being used to form the cassette, physical restriction of weight and manual handling on site.

Due to the flexible and variable parameters discussed we deliberately do not detail standard or typical panel sizes on this website (ultimately this information could be misleading dependent on application). Therefore, we find it more useful to look at each project on its own merits and advise accordingly on what we can and cannot achieve.

Flashings and ancillaries can be produced in the same material.

Please call a member of our technical team to discuss your project requirements 01283 820032.

Hook-on Panel Design Details [click here]

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